4 Tips for better time management during the Speaking Section in Toefl

1) You do not get deducted for short pauses, one or to hmmm's or even accent! Even though a good accent is a plus, but it is not necessary to achieve an excellent score.

2) Fluency is important but you have to put in mind not to be too quick nor to slow. Be moderate so that u won't lose a lot of time without making your points clear and full because you were too slow. Also, being too quick results in more mistakes, unclear language and maybe even you'll finish your reply before time.

3)  If you've finished you reply 10 seconds for example before the time is over, try to fill in something. But if you are sure that you're answer was full so it's better not to fill in because it's better to finish before time than not to finish before the beep. ( P.S It happened to me, so this is from personal experience).

4)  I recommend you to practice by reading or listening to the question then answering while recording your answer. Doing this allows you to know if your tone sounds confident, clear and what kinds of errors you keep doing. You've got to also time yourself. Timing is very important here, you MUST time over and over again. This will help you know how many points you can make within a specific period of time, and how much you can actually talk.

Practice makes perfect. I did it. Many people did it. YOU can do it.

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