Practice the speaking section by listening to others practice

Voxopop is such a great site. In Voxopop you can record or listen to diverse audio discussions recorded by people like you and me.

Voxopop played a major role in having my pretty satisfying result in the TOEFL exam speaking section (I had 27). First i was very confused with the huge amount of recordings i had to go through and at i wasn't really sure how can i benefit from them, and to be honest much of  the time the recordings were rubbish; either badly recorded or contained really poor English. But then I settled on a very nice group that contained a decent amount of useful recordings. It was a group created by a Croatian girl that recorded her self practicing on different speaking topics. The reasons for which i have liked her recordings are summed-up here:

  • Clear voice and pronunciation
  • Examples of templates for different kind of questions
  • Keywords for correcting pronunciation mistakes, handling forgetting a word, linking ideas, etc...
After carefully listening to many of the recordings in that group i found myself familiar with different speaking techniques, articulation words and an interesting speaking tone and confidence that practice makes perfect.

    Here is the group link : speaking Ibt practice on VOXOPOP

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