Tips for the exam day

Reach the test center at least 45 mins before the reporting time. My test was scheduled at 4 PM and the reporting time was 3.30 PM. So reaching say by 2.45-3.00 would be good. You have to fill up confidentiality agreement form and brief instruction session for 5-10 mins is conducted by the prometric people. You are allowed in the exam room on first come first serve basis. So it makes sense to be early and grab a seat. Actually it doesn't make much difference, but it might help you when you reach the Speaking section. You'll be among the first few people who would start answering.

Things to carry with you
Confirmation ticket print out - to confirm ur presence for the test.[It is not required, once you have made an entry in the attendance register]
Carry your primary identification - Your passport.
Secondary identification proof(It is a must !!!) - PAN card, Driving License or a similar document with your signed photograph.
Remember Employee ids/credit cards are not acceptable.
A dude was not allowed to take the test as he did not carry the sufficient docs.

Things NOT to carry
Rough sheets/stationary,Water bottle,Cell phones.You wouldn't be allowed anything inside. Not even your wallet and watch!!!You would be alloted a Locker, where you'll have to keep all your belongings.Rough sheets and pencils are provided at the test center itself.

Reading section
RC is easier as compared to GRE. There are 3 reading passages, each 20 mins.Each RC has approx. 13-14 questions.The last question in all the three passages is the trickiest of all. It is to select the best inferences from the given passage.It is worth 2 points.Plan your time in such a way that u have atleast 4-5 mins to answer this last question.

Listening section
Isn't difficult at all. All you have to do is concentrate and take some notes here and there. Don't get distracted with noises of people who have already started their speaking section. So listening section has some 6 -8 odd tasks. Few conversations(mostly among university students who discuss their problems on campus etc and few lectures on various academic topics like biology, eco. etc followed by some questions on these discussions. This section is easily manageable.

There is a 10 min. mandatory break after the two sections. You will have to leave your place and go out. [You can eat something if you have got something from home.Its a 4 hour long test after all !!]Remember, you are not supposed to touch your mobiles during this break.

Speaking Section
isn't difficult if you know how to respond in the given time frame.

Sincere Advise : KAPLAN's latest book on TOEFL iBT comes with practice cd, which has 4 practise tests. Trust me it is worth going through that !! It'll give u a hang of the entire speaking pattern.It has similar timed conditions and almost similar question pattern.

After a 4 hour are finally through!!

[P.S - Don't wait for the range of your scores to pop up. I waited for 4-5 mins. Embarassed When nothing showed up, I knew its time to go out. Your scores will be sent to you after 15 days. You will be able to view them online on your TOEFL account.]

Hope any of this helps.

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Tips Toefl Test

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