Speaking Tips from a test taker - SPEAK OUT MORE

My score is 105 totally. i would like to give my opinion to u all, who are suffering without getting 26 in speaking. don't lose your heart, be confident ,prepare well, do hard work.......don't take things easy........

1) just don't follow the formula. Speak as much as u can in the given time. The more u speak. The more marks u get.

2) prepare the speaking answers for all the 185 writing topics of the official guide. if u are able to speak out for these 185 topics, i am pretty much sure that u can attack any kind of independent question. speak out speak out. speak out

3) if you prepare for 1 type of question. you sure can change or modulate the question being asked accordingly. for eg, if the question is : what are the good qualities that u like in your friend? you can star saying: positive attitude, hard work. these 2 good qualities, u can attribute to any person, like room mate, life partner, role model.

4) it is eay to get good in independent tasks, try to get 1 more good in either of the remaining 2 sections, that's it. you get 26.

5) coming to campus questions, you have to speak as much as u can. i used to never give full description of what i read & what i heard. i used to get less score. but that is not good. u have to speak as much as u can. for example, in the 5 th problem question, just don't speak only the problem, 1 st solution, 2 nd solution & ur preference in just 4 sentencs. Be elaborative, speak much, use the whole time. concentrate well on the topic, write as much as u speak while listening, try to put the whole thing while speaking.

6) in the 3 rd question, just don't tell the reading passage( university decision ) in 1 sentence. they will give u 2 or 3 reasons, why they are doing so. i mean, cutting down the lab hours or increasing the tuition fee. You are suppossed to tell these 2 reasons. Now u have to tell why the man/woman opposes the university's decision by giving the man/woman's 2 reasons. So, it is very important to elaborate the answer more than just telling university's opinion & just man/woman's 2 reasons.

7) coming to academic topics, u can speak well, if u get related or familiar topics. I generally get 4 th question in psycology/sociology & 6 th question in biology. In biology, the questions that i got are much from the prey-predator relationship questions & how the insects,birds or other preys protect themselves from predators.


I wish you all the best.

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June 8, 2014 at 5:23 AM  

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May 5, 2015 at 3:31 AM  

Nice blog and information about toefl speaking 26. It was very useful for me.