Simple strategy tips for better score in Listening and Reading sections in TOEFL

Here are few tips while taking TOEFL. Hope these are helpful for all those aspiring to be successful in the test.

1. Set the volume one level higher than required. As you do not get a chance to do that later.
2. Don't pay too much attention on the pictures shown during conversations. Test takers will try to confuse by showing the same picture for a different conversation. They are quite smart you know!!!
3. In a two people conversation, pay extra attention to what the second person says. Mostly the question is based on that.
4. In long lectures and conversations, make sure you take a mental note of the conversation when the lecturer lays some emphasis on a particular word. It indicates that a question from this part will be asked. So don't sleep.


The biggest advantage you have in this is that you can go back to the previous questions anytime.
1. Read the first question before you start reading the passage. This will give you an idea of what to look for while you read.
2. If you can't figure out the answer of any question, move on and don't forget to come back to it later. In my experience when you answer other simpler questions, you get a better grasp on the passage and then you can answer the tougher question that you had to guess on.
3. While practicing and general reading, whenever you come across a new word, look the word up in the dictionary. For your convenience all the words in the dictionary are in alphabetical order.

notice At least 5-6 questions are based on meaning of the word asked, you won't even have to refer to the passage if you know the right meaning.
All the best!

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